Success Stories

Not only does she call you back unlike other doctors, but she initiates the phone calls on her own time just to check on how you are doing.

Dr. Clarke was amazing with my 16-year-old. She really connected to him like no other therapist has been able to do. We can’t thank her enough.

She sees the best of you – when you’re feeling the worst about yourself, she motivates you to be your best. She sees you the way you want to become and helps you become that person.

Dr. Clarke cares about you like no other doctor. She gives you her personal phone number and takes your calls on her own personal time. I check in with her daily to report on my therapy homework and for emotional support when I need it.

My husband and I had tried several other therapists for marriage counseling, but Dr. Clarke was different. She got right to the heart of the problem immediately, and has helped us work through issues we had never even brought up. I truly believe she has saved our marriage.

Dr. Roe is so passionate about helping her patients. You can feel that she really cares about you and that she personally wants you to succeed. I recommend her to everyone!

Dr. Clarke has completely transformed my relationship with my teenage son. He was starting to pull away, experimenting with drugs and his grades were falling. I didn’t know how to deal with his anger and defiance. Dr. Clarke has helped us learn to communicate better and, thanks to her support and expertise, I’m watching my son grow into a responsible and confident young man.

There are so many therapists out there but only one Dr. Clarke. She is compassionate, direct, and extremely intuitive. She challenges you but in a loving and non-judgmental way. She is so thorough and never gives up on you.

Dear Dr. Clarke, Jay and I want to thank you for the effort you have made to completely change our lives. We have yet a long way to go but we have come so far already that life for us is so much better. After 50 years of marriage, we are happier than we have been in many years and have become much closer. We now understand each other and ourselves, and are better able to cope. Thank you for that. Jay and Sharon W.

If anyone has ever experienced or been under the torment of anxiety, it is a feeling we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies. In my case it manifested in multiple facets, including an overwhelming compulsion to unplug household items. The day I met Dr. Clarke I was nervous, anxious, and uneasy, but she had a way to just calm my thoughts and fears and put me at ease. Over time, she was able to guide me through my issues and help me to overcome them. I am proud to say that I am now able to keep things plugged in. Now I’m not going to say getting over anxiety is easy, especially when you stop your “happy pill” that, by the way, doesn’t always solve the true issues and the lifestyle changes that you must be willing to do. Dr. Clarke had many homework assignments for me to develop. To me, Dr. Clarke has been a pillar of strength and help. She has always made herself available to me and has given a tremendous amount of time and effort into making me feel whole again. I believe if people were to trust in Dr. Clarke the way they trust in their prescriptions, they might find themselves happier and stronger. Thank you, Dr. Clarke! — “Unplugged”