Meet Dr. Roe Clarke

Roe F. Clarke, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

What is it that makes someone truly great at what they do? In psychology, it requires a special combination: Education, know-how, and experience, coupled with more than a few intangibles…intuition, instinct, an open mind, unconditional positive regard, and an ability to truly connect with and genuinely care about one’s clients.

This is exactly the formula that Dr. Clarke’s clients have been experiencing and sharing with their friends, family and colleagues, for more than twenty-eight years.


Dr. Clarke holds her undergraduate degree from Hofstra University in New York, where she graduated with distinction. Soon after, she earned her Master’s Degree in Clinical/School Psychology from City College of New York’s Graduate School, where she graduated with honors. She then received her Psy.D. Doctoral degree in Clinical/School Psychology at the esteemed Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago.


Dr. Clarke has been a practicing clinician since 1985, and has held positions in locations as diverse as:

• The New York City Board of Education (Manhattan, NY), where, as part of a school-based support team, she diagnosed and treated children from Pre-K to High School ages and taught crisis intervention both to teachers and students. She also conducted IQ testing, psychological assessments, and projective tests (such as the Rorschach test) to diagnose learning disorders, ADHD, gifted eligibility, and to identify the possible underlying emotional disturbances interfering with learning that may require therapeutic intervention. In addition to conducting psychological and projective tests, Dr. Clarke also provided psychotherapy for children from Pre-K to high school and their families.

• The Lakeview Mental Health Center (Chicago, IL), where she completed her Clinical Psychology Practicum in Psychotherapy, treating individuals with a variety of psychological disorders as well as counseling heterosexual and LGBT couples. Her case load also included treating adolescents and adults with a wide variety of presenting issues including serious disorders such as agoraphobia, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, and manic-depressive psychosis.

• The Maimonides Hospital – Community Mental Health Center (Brooklyn, NY), an APA-approved institution, where she completed her pre-doctoral internship in Clinical Psychology, working in the inpatient and outpatient departments of the hospital. Her experience included treating a broad spectrum of psychological disorders including Schizophrenia, bipolar, dissociative disorder, multiple personality disorder, as well as depression, panic disorder and other anxiety/mood disorders. As part of her behavioral medicine training, Dr. Clarke completed her dissertation on a unique case study requiring her to make a differential diagnosis to determine the mental/emotional vs. medical origins of a physical illness.

During her internship, Dr. Clarke also had a private practice in Manhattan, NY, where she treated patients with a variety of presenting issues including addiction, sexual dysfunction, depression, anxiety-related disorders, and relationship difficulties.

• Miami Heart Institute (Miami, FL), where, as a clinician, she completed a post-doctoral, hospital-based internship in Behavioral Medicine and Gerontology. Her experience included treating individuals and groups suffering from affective and stress-related disorders. Training under the direction of the esteemed Arlene M. Huysman, Ph.D., Dr. Clarke treated holocaust survivors, individuals who had near-death experiences, and patients experiencing grief due to loss of a loved one, illness, or terminal illness.

• The Center for Psychological Growth (Miami, FL), a private practice where she worked under the supervision of Arlene M. Huysman, Ph.D., providing marital and family counseling and treating individuals with affective and anxiety-based disorders.

• Private practice (Plantation, FL) where she has specialized since 1993 in individual, marital and family counseling, gerontology, treatment of a variety of affective and somatic (health/stress) related disorders, and helping patients with pain management and life threatening illnesses.

Dr. Clarke also led a group, one of the few groups of its kind mandated by the Florida Department of Health, to treat survivors of abuse at the hands of other professionals.

As part of her broad-based experience, Dr. Clarke specializes in treating sleep disturbances, and has developed a niche practice providing alternative natural healing techniques for individuals with severe disorders who do not wish to take psychiatric medication or cannot tolerate its side effects.

Dr. Clarke is a Member of the American Psychological Association, the South Florida Society for Trauma-Based Disorders, and the Alliance for Eating Disorders.


Dr. Clarke sees clients of all ages, from elementary school to geriatric. Her clientele includes individuals of all backgrounds, ethnicities, races, religions, and sexual orientations. She treats individuals, couples, and families.

Dr. Clarke is available for face-to-face sessions for local clients, as well as for phone or skype sessions. Dr. Clarke’s skype/phone services have rapidly expanded over the past five years. Many of the patients who started with face-to-face sessions have relocated to other areas across the United States (and, in some case, internationally) and have chosen to continue the therapy relationship with Dr. Clarke based on the personal bond established and the breakthroughs they had experienced from her effective, one-of-a-kind approach to therapy.

Dr. Clarke accepts most insurances, and she works with each patient prior to the first session to discuss insurance coverage and/or self-pay options.

Welcome to Dr. Clarke’s Office:

None of us are strangers to visiting doctors’ offices. We walk into a crowded reception area, sign the clipboard that’s on one side of an often-closed window, and sit…and wait. And then, when our name is finally called, we’re brought into another room for a second round of waiting. We feel like a number…because, well, often we are. But not at Dr. Clarke’s office.

From the very first contact they have with her office, Dr. Clarke’s clients feel the difference. Within minutes of receiving a phone call from a new client, Dr. Clarke personally returns the call to introduce herself and set up the first appointment.

Dr. Clarke’s staff is not just genuinely kind, but specially trained to treat every client with the utmost respect and care. It is important to Dr. Clarke that every client feels nurtured and safe during every part of his or her therapeutic journey, and that means before, during, after, and between sessions.