Free your mind from stress

and heal your body and soul

You often hear about the “mind-body connection,” but that term misses the mark. Why? Because it separates the two! The truth is, the mind is the most important part of the body…and it must be made healthy to heal, and prevent damage to, the rest. Meet Dr. Roe Clarke, a one-of-a-kind clinical and health psychologist with a track record of guiding her clients toward emotional –and, in turn, physical—well being. With the knowledge that healing one’s emotional wounds, often beginning in childhood, frees people from pain, Dr. Clarke has successfully treated clients for more than 28 years with stress-related conditions ranging from migraines, high-blood pressure, cardiac issues, insomnia and IBS to obesity, Type II diabetes, and more. According to Dr. Clarke, “Stress exacerbates all medical conditions.” Dr. Clarke describes her practice as “Heart-Centered Therapy.” Forging caring, trusting, and honest connections with her clients is the hallmark of her success.

A formal education in psychology teaches you how to identify, diagnose, and treat disorders…but no one can teach you how to genuinely care about your clients,” explains Dr. Clarke. “I truly respect mine…they know it…and that’s what makes the difference. I have years of know-how and experience, but I also have a true joy for what I do…a passion for helping.

Perhaps this is why Dr. Clarke succeeds where so many others fail…and why she is able to make immediate improvements in people’s lives starting from their very first session. She listens, and then quickly identifies and targets a client’s problem areas. Her combination of enlightening session work (each consisting of a full hour) coupled with post-session exercises/activities, and regular contact between sessions, gives clients self-awareness and reassurance. Dr. Clarke’s clients know that when they embark on a therapeutic journey with her, they are never alone.